「文藝復興2012」電影節選映電影-Project Second Spring
文藝獨立 自由復興

「文藝復興2012」電影節選映電影-Project Second Spring

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放映節目 Screening 9.12.2012(日 Sun)15:40 – 17:10

雙生茶檔 Twins Café
香港 Hong Kong/ 2012/ 45分鐘 mins/ 粵語 Cantonese / 中英文字幕 Chinese & English Subtitles/ 彩色 Color

愛與罰 Love and Punish
香港 Hong Kong/ 2012/ 45分鐘 mins/ 粵語 Cantonese/ 中英文字幕 Chinese & English Subtitles/ 彩色Color

導演將出席映後談 Director-present post-screening discussion available

製作團隊 Production Crew
製片人 Producer/ 何式凝 Ho Sik Ying
導演 Director/ 何式凝 Ho Sik Ying
執行導演 Executive Director/ 盧秋彭Prisken Lo
剪接 Editor/ 盧秋彭 Prisken Lo
攝影 Cinematographer/ 張敏立 Alec Cheung 莫頌靈 Jolene Mok 腦力工作室 Ideas Workshop
音樂 Music/ 梁基爵 Gaybird Leung
混音 Mixing/ 四方果 Squarefruit
字幕 Subtitles/ 王威 Wong Wai 列家宏 Lit Ka Wang 張雯 Cheung Wam

大綱 Synopsis


Twins Café is the story of the twin sisters and their family who runs a dai pai dong (cooked food stall) in Tsuen Wan. Hazel studied hard and was the first and the only one in the family who had gone overseas to study. She is an administrator for an international company. Hazel’s twin sister on the other hand, worked at the dai pai dong to take care of the family business. The two sisters feel that they have complemented each other and have a fuller life than those who are not twins. The family celebrated the 50th anniversary of this dai pai dong in 2009 and is determined to carry on with this family business. They were grateful that this dai pai dong has given the family with its eight children the means to survive the difficult years of their childhood and also provided most of them with jobs for a living during their adulthood and middle age.

愛與罰/Love and Punish
Lucky 十年前因丈夫戀上大陸女而遭遇背叛,離異後獨力撫養年幼的三姊妹 Iris, Priscilla和Julia。Lucky 信奉體罰,相信仔女「一定要打」。面對體罰,大姐Iris逃避暴力和責備,離家出走,誕下女兒後,卻無奈延續體罰之路;Priscilla則因情緒緊張與家庭衝突,一時情緒失控,甚至掌摑母親;Julia則專注自身發展,對家庭冷漠以待。體罰和家庭暴力,究竟是愛還是罰?適當、合理的暴力是否為親密關係的一部分?究竟這是一個暴力和瘋狂的家庭,還是跟其他香港家庭一樣,同樣在愛恨中掙紮求存尋找各自出路?廿一世紀的家庭新關係,中港融合不只涉及奶粉與土地,原來我們的政治和社會經濟,甚至家庭已悄悄被轉變,亦無形中已改變了一個中年女性的夢想和她的人生大計。

Shot in 2010, Love and Punish is a story to explore issues of domestic and physical violence through the experiences of Pricilla, aged 24 and her two sisters in the Sham family. Priscilla’s parents divorced ten years ago, leaving her mother to raise her and her sisters. The father decided to leave the family and subsequently married a young woman from the Mainland who gave birth to his son, who is now 6 years old. Pricilla struggles to deal with her relationship with the men in the family including her father and the half-brother in the context of conflict and tension between her parents even after the divorce has been settled for over a decade. Violence aside, the story also reminds us of how unexpected events, in tandem with political and socio-economic changes such as the opening up of the border, may interrupt women’s plans and dreams in mid- life.

關於導演 Director’s Biography

香港大學社會工作及社會行政學系副教授,中港兩地少有的性別及性欲研究專家,研究領域涵蓋男同性戀,女性情慾和多元關係等課題,著有《情欲、倫理與權力》一書,曾主持多個受歡迎電台節目。2007年,何遊學日本時跌傷手腕後,反思自己的學術與人生,並開始拍攝紀錄片,打破傳統的知識生產模式,借視像呈現與詮釋女性情慾和渴望以及廿一世紀的家庭新關係,建立新的社會研究方法。何遊走在藝術與學術間,08年與莫頌靈成立二人女子錄像創作組合,發表作品集「香港廿二春:師奶列傳」,11年與盧秋彭成立 Project Second Spring 創作組合,近作收錄在「母女對對配」中。

Petula, Sik Ying HO is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong. Her main research and teaching interests are in the area of homosexuality, gender and sexuality issues, and her current projects include using documentary films to explore the integration of arts and scholarship. They include: 22 Springs: The Invincible; Whatever Will Be Will Be; Hong Kong Calling Tokyo and The “Kong-lo” Chronicles. Her new book, co-edited with Ka Tat Tsang is entitled Love and Desire in Hong Kong. It is published in English and Chinese by Hong Kong University Press and China Social Science Press in 2012.